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We request Speedy Lien, Inc. prepare, sign and file a Mechanic’s Lien on our behalf as our agent. The information we provided is true and correct and we assume responsibility in the event information provided is incorrect.



13 - General Contractor (If Different From Line #12 - The Company That Hired Line #12)
                          **There is a $50 Fee to Serve the General Contractor**

14. Public Improvement - If a Public Improvement / Municipal Project (provide agency & contract #)

I/We agree to pay Speedy Lien, Inc. $450 ($550 for Nassau / Suffolk Counties/Connecticut) for their services and agree that services commence upon their receipt of this document. I/We are aware that Speedy Lien, Inc. is liable to the extent of the cost of the Mechanic’s Lien in the event of error. I/We are aware that the information contained in this document is the proprietary right of Speedy Lien, Inc. and will not be sent to any other entity other than Speedy Lien, Inc. I/We are aware than any unauthorized use of this document is a violation of law and Speedy Lien, Inc. will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.


Paying by Credit or Debit Card, Complete the Following:

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Speedy Lien, Inc.

Print Intake Sheet, Prepare Check and Email
Print Intake Sheet, Prepare Check and Fax: 516-679-6703 Click here for printable form

Print Intake Sheet:

Print Intake Sheet, Prepare Check and Fax: 516-679-6703

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