Satisfy a Lien

Servicing New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania

Satisfaction of Lien

Once your Lien Claim has been paid, you must Satisfy your Lien. You, as the Lienor, are responsible for the filing of the Satisfaction of Lien. 
The filing fee is $300.00 (Liens filed in Nassau County, the fee is $400.00). Please complete the form to initiate the process to Satisfy your Lien. We / I authorize Speedy Lien, Inc. and their staff to act as our agent for the purpose of Satisfying the Mechanic’s Lien we filed:

**Additional fees may apply if the Lien was not initially filed by Speedy Lien.**

Paying by Credit or Debit Card, Complete the Following:

If Paying By Check:

Check Payable to: Speedy Lien, Inc. Print Satisfaction Request, Prepare Check and Email 

Or Fax: 516-679-6703