File a Bond Discharge of Mechanic's Lien

We request Speedy Lien Inc. prepare and file a Mechanic’s Lien Discharge Bond on our behalf. The information we provided is true and correct. We assume responsibility in the event information we provided is incorrect. The total filing fee is $785.00 ($575 Representation Fee + $210 Index Filing Fee.) 





(Member, President, Corporate Secretary, Etc.)
(Property owner, general contractor, sub-contractor, etc.)


10 - Do you have a copy of the Lien?
(A copy of the Lien is required for filing.)
11 - Have you obtained the Surety Bond?
(If not, we can refer you to a Surety Company)

I/We agree to pay Speedy Lien, Inc. $575 Representation Fee for their services in addition to the $210 Index Filing Fee. Total Filing Cost is $785.00. I/We agree that services commence upon their receipt of this document. I/We are aware that Speedy Lien, Inc. is a Filing Agent and not a party to this action. I/We agree Speedy Lien, Inc. is not a law firm and our employees are not acting as your attorney. This Limited Power of Attorney is valid for the filing of the Discharging of Mechanic’s Lien Bond; upon completion of the filing, this Power of Attorney is no longer valid.


Paying by Credit or Debit Card, Complete the Following:

If Paying By Check:

Check Payable to: Speedy Lien, Inc. Print Satisfaction Request, Prepare Check and Email 

Or Fax: 516-679-6703